With Great Powers

Brenna Lyons

With Great Powers

Science Fiction


What the book is about

Suraden is everything Earth should be: clean lavender sea and green sky, peace and prosperity. Everything is protected by powers, superheroes who begin a mandatory life of service at ten. No exceptions. No escape. A power who doesn�t serve is a Grellan traitor.

Soulchaser is the strongest psychic tracker ever born, a unit leader, the most feared man at the Academy save 'the old man' himself. When Soulchaser connects with an astral projected Grellan temptress, his beliefs are shaken. Starseeker offers everything he desires. All he has to do to claim it is trust her completely -- and make a traitor of himself.


A look inside the book

"He's coming up, sir."

Julien couldn't place that voice. It was female, not a woman he knew.

"Good," Adrien growled.

Julien licked his lips. His mouth was dry and his body ached.

"Soulchaser," the first voice called again. "I know you can hear me, Soulchaser. Give me a sign."

Julien forced his eyes open. The sea lavender walls swam before him. He cursed softly. They'd stuck him in medical. No operative wanted to end up in medical. For some reason, the med-techs always believed in putting the powers through hell when they were in, as if they were fragile.

"He knows where he is." Adrien chuckled darkly at that.

Julien swung his gaze back to Adrien, moving tenderly. He took in the doctor in surprise, scanning his eyes over the white
identi-card on her red work cover. "Human?" he asked.

She nodded. "We do have some talents," she teased.

"I'm sorry. I just thought--"

"Quite all right. We were closer."

"What the hell happened?" Julien demanded weakly, trying to raise an arm to rub his neck and finding the task nearly impossible.

"Medically? Shock complicated by an electrical imbalance--roughly the same thing that would happen if you got hit by a sonic wave unit blast coupled with a lightening strike," she answered dryly.

"Lovely," he growled. "That's about what it felt like."

She winced. "You're stuck here overnight," she informed him. "After that, your own people will handle you--beside the ones they have camped in the hall protecting you now."

"How long have I been out?"

"Overnight." She headed to the door, nodding to Adrien. "He's stable, sir. I'll leave you alone now."

Adrien smiled warmly. "My thanks, doctor, and the Calante's thanks as well." The old man waited until the door closed behind her.

When he turned back to Julien, the smile was gone. "What the hell did you think you were doing, Soulchaser?"

"My job. How was I supposed to know it would bite back?"

"You're trained to know."

"You didn't train me for that," Julien groused.

"What precisely was that?"

"If I knew what it was, I would have been trained for it."

Adrien glared at him.

Julien sighed. He was too damned tired to spar with the old man today. "I don't know. Light. Pain. A feeling that I wasn't...there."

Adrien nodded. "Understood. Who did it?"

"Did?" he asked in confusion.

"Which of the Grellan tried to kill you?" Adrien asked impatiently.

"Kill me? You think that was a trap?"

"Of course. It's the same way they killed your father. Luckily, you have faster reflexes than Empathen did."

Julien let his anger have free rein, though he hid his mind carefully. He was angry, and Adrien would accept that, but Julien wouldn't let the old man know why he was angry. Julien had no doubts that Adrien was lying to him.


What people say about .....
Reviewed by Sinclair Reid for Romance Reviews Today "With Great Power is a fascinating story that captured my attention. Julian is a powerful man not to be trifled with. His powers are beyond compare and Angel is his perfect match. Together these two light a passionate fire that rages out of control. Is Julian ready to know the truth? Will he trust Angel with his true name? Heated encounters, captivating characters, and a fascinating storyline make With Great Power very, very enjoyable." LINK: Romance Reviews Today
Reviewed by Dani Jacquel for Just Erotic Romance Reviews 4/5 Star!!! "With Great Power is one of the best Brenna Lyon stories I've read to date. It had intrigue, suspense, a little action, and plenty of sensuality. The romance wasn't central to the plot of the story, but instead helped to fuel it. The action and intrigue were all timed just right, and the twists the story took were awesome. Definitely something for any sci-fi/fantasy romance fan to read, and a perfect addition to the anthology."
Reviwed by Nicole for Romance Junkies 4.5 Ribbons! "Brenna Lyons has crafted a brilliant story. The love that grows between these two characters, despite their differences is a joy to read. I hope we learn more of this world in future stories because I could not get enough. The end was quite unexpected, yet worked so amazingly well." LINK: Romance Junkies
Reviewed for Cindy Witkus for In The Library Reviews "I love Brenna Lyons. Adore her. I could also kill her. Yet another outstanding series she's introduced and I have to beg and wait for her to write the next one. Taking the concept of these gifted people willingly serving the people into where they must serve the people or else be declared Grellan, she truly makes you see the results of losing one's freedom, regardless if you're gifted or not. This story takes you by the throat and guides you to the end, and you find yourself smiling and saying, "Yes, that's how it should be." Another winner from Brenna and I'm going to be first in line for the next book in this lineup! " LINK: In The Library Reviews
Reviewed by Julia for The Romance Studio 4 Hearts! "With Great Power explores the world of a super hero that is forced to serve, rather than volunteering their time. It's an interesting twist on the typical superhero story, and I couldn't put it down until I was done." LINK: In The Library Reviews

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