Temptation of Eve

Brenna Lyons

Temptation of Eve



What the book is about

Eve is getting everything she wants in life...more or less. Aside from her doting husband's penchant for religious dogma, it couldn't be more perfect. Or could it?

The black sheep of the family has returned for his brother's wedding. Roman is nothing like his older brother, Raul. He's an irreverent womanizer with his eye on Eve. The only thing the two have in common is a mutual hatred.

When Raul is poisoned, his family will not suffer the suspected poisoner to live. Unfortunately, the suspect is Eve. It seems the only sane person in the family is Roman, and the only way to save herself may be to accept a miracle...and him.

She's an innocent caught between two brothers, but which one is the greater threat to her?


A look inside the book

"Well, well, well," Rom�n drawled. "Can I assume my brother wishes a drink?"

Eve didn't look up at him; she finished pouring the bourbon and started to cap the bottle. After what he said, he deserved nothing better than her scorn. "He does indeed, brother."

He leaned closer to her, crowding into Eve's personal space. "And as a dutiful wife, you get one for him."

"And why shouldn't I?"

She moved a step to the right as Rom�n turned and leaned against the bar top, nestling his elbows on the surface next to the glass, a lopsided smile on his face that made her wonder how much he'd had to drink tonight.

"No reason at all," he drawled. "I'm certain Raul adores it." There was a snap of something snide and unforgiving in that.

As if I have need of Rom�n's forgiveness for anything, especially doing something nice for my husband, after he's waited on me for half the day? She stilled with the bottle in hand, looking up at him, fighting back her anger. "If you have something to say, say it." Whatever his game -- the game he'd started the night before, she was certain -- she was tired of it.

He raised an eyebrow, seemingly amused at her challenge. "Just passing time, Evie."

She doubted it. She'd like to dismiss him, but dismissing the man from his own home was hardly likely. She'd like to ignore him, but looking away from Rom�n seemed a physical impossibility.

"You don't trust me."

His mock upset at the fact was strangely endearing...boyish. Was this how he charmed women?

That reminded her why she disliked him so intensely. As if he felt the change in her -- or it showed on her face, and it likely did -- his smile disappeared.

"Do you make a habit of incriminating people, Rom�n?" she inquired coolly. "Raul doesn't believe it, you know. Not a word of it."

"Believe? Believe what?"

"That I would have an affair and present him with a child that isn't his."

His shock dissolved into a mocking smile; he chuckled then laughed heartily.

"You think accusing me is funny?"

"My apologies that you believed I meant you, Evie. Nothing could be further from the truth."

She worked at that, her face going hot in understanding. "Then you meant Raul's first fianc�e."

His smile became a smirk, one that spoke of pleasure in a job well done...or a secret that lay undiscovered.

"You do mean her, the one you seduced."

His face went stony, a face she could fear, if she didn't trust that Raul would protect her. "It is the lips of the liar that spread hostility; but he who spreads accusations is a fool. Proverbs has such lovely lessons to teach."

Eve set the bottle down with a clunk. "You're calling Raul a liar?" she demanded.

Rom�n shrugged, offering no answer to that.

"If you mean her... Did she carry your bastard? Is that what you're saying?" If so, why would he want to taunt Raul with such a painful reminder? Was it some challenge of Raul's masculinity that Rom�n caught her pregnant before Raul could?

He moved abruptly, turning around her body, crowding her into the bar, his heat making her mind riot. His arms circled her, though they didn't embrace her, as if he meant to cage Eve in loosely, to cut off her escape from him.

Eve swallowed a hard lump, terrified of him even as she processed how some women might be aroused by his show of power. She dismissed the idea that she was aroused by it; surely, the sensations coursing through her were something else, something she had no name for.

His breath fanned over her face, bringing the light tang of alcohol to answer her question about whether he'd already imbibed. For a moment, he stayed there, issuing a dare she couldn't begin to understand or answer appropriately.

"You know nothing, Evie. Nothing." He looked as if he wanted to say much more, but he didn't. He pushed away, ambling to the doorway and out into the corridor, leaving her trembling.

Please, let him leave soon.

In the meantime, Raul was waiting for her.


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