Renegade's Run

Brenna Lyons

Renegade's Run

Paranormal, Erotic Romance, EPPIE 2005 finalist!


What the book is about

The Randalls are back in the follow-up to TYGERS. In a world where the type of power Katie and Kyle possessed is now commonplace, psi-gifted are urged to serve the government. The Supreme Court has ruled that forcing compliance is unconstitutional. Thus, major powers like our old friends are free to live in peace as long as they don't use their powers for illegal gain. Sarah is the weak link of the Randall family. The family has never been breached -- until now. Jonas Paige is the best in service, Alpha One. Signed away at ten, the DoPT is the best life Jonas has ever known, and that's not saying much. Baker wants Jonas under his thumb. He wants the Randalls. Most of all, he wants Sarah. All he has to do is give Jonas the one thing he wants -- love. Jonas has a hard choice to make. To protect Sarah, he has to compromise her. He is her worst enemy and her only hope.


A look inside the book


What people say about Renegade's Run
Reviewed by Susan Holly for Just Erotic Romance Reviews 4 STARS! "This book is action packed with a lot of surprises that will definitely keep the reader on their toes. The cloak and dagger adventure in this story was exciting to say the least. It started out a little slow but as the book continues, the reader will be caught up with all the action. However, this story is more an action and adventure romance, if the reader is looking for erotic and scorching romance this may not be the book for you. However, if you love a story with mystery, a suspenseful plot, and intriguing characters this book is the best. Check out Ms. Lyons Renegade�s Run you won�t be disappointed."
Reviewed by Rob Preece for Books for A Buck 4 Stars! "Author Brenna Lyons blends adventure with sensual romance in an exciting near-future tale. Lyons highlights human appetites and ambitions--as well as the thin line between the law-abiding and the renegade. Lyons' strong writing sweeps the reader into the story, makes us care about the characters, their growing love, and the horrible dangers they face. Fans of both near-future SF and paranormal romance won't want to miss this exciting eNovel."

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