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Raven enjoys writing in the horror and fantasy genres. Writing has been her passion since early childhood. She has a keen interest in the supernatural, the occult and world religions from Christianity to the obscure. Her insatiable interest in the metaphysical and culture drives her to express ideas in multiple forms of writing.

Raven is an avid role-player and loves to design mythical and diabolical creatures and cultures. She serves as co-author/designer and project manager of Team Farath, a new epic fantasy world.

A trained herbalist, she loves gardening and concocting home remedies.

Raven graduated from Richmond High, in Richmond Michigan. She currently lives in northern Michigan with her husband, four children and hell hound.

'Apparitions' is Raven's first horror novel.

'The Nano Effect' written by Raven & Lain Bower is currently under production at Mad Lab Films.

Member of International Thriller Writers.


Raven's books with Under the Moon


Hunted by a killer who knows no mercy.

Stalked by the vengeful dead.

Caught between reality and visions...Bailey fights to piece the puzzle together before it crashes down on her. Is the man staying in her boathouse friend...or foe? And what part does he have to play in the macabre game unfolding around her?

Under the shadow of the murder's blade Bailey strives to discover the truth using faith and arcane knowledge. While at the same time the fury of the scorned dead creeps ever closer...

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