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K.J. Gillenwater survived life as a military linguist and a technical writer before pursuing her dreams to become the novelist she'd wanted to be since grade school. She writes what she loves: suspense and romance with a paranormal twist. When she isn't writing, K.J. loves to watch way too much TV, bake, hang out with her family, and enjoy the view from her front porch.

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KJ's books with Under the Moon

The Little Black Box
After the suspicious suicides of several student test subjects, Paula Crenshaw, research assistant and budding telekinetic in Paranormal Sciences at Blackridge University, suspects they may be connected to a little black box designed to read auras. Professor Jonas Pritchard, the head of the department, doesn't believe his precious experiment could be causing students to drop like flies.

But when her best friend almost dies after her encounter with the black box, Paula is certain there is a connection. She pulls her cute, but sloppy, office buddy, Will Littlejohn, into the mystery, and they get closer to the truth behind who might be financially backing the project and why. Haunted by memories of a childhood accident, which she believes she caused with her untamed psychic abilities, Paula finds herself lured to the black box and its mysteries.

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